FMCS Certification Documents for Filing Application Form

Documents to Know Before FMCS Application Filing

The following are the kinds of documents that are required for FMCS Registration in India:

Application Form-V


It contains all the details of the manufacturing company, which include (the name of the firm, address of the manufacturing factory, quality personal details, and IS number under which the application is being registered). If there will be any query after the submission of the application, it will be communicated to the client through email.

BIS Govt. Fees receipts

The scheme of inspection and testing fees must be accepted by the manufacturer.

Factory Registration Documents


BIS Officer will arrange a visit at factory premises of applicant on the mutually agreed date to verify the manufacturing process, testing infrastructure and also test the product in your in-house laboratory etc.

Details of Manufacturing Machinery

At the time of inspection/audit all the manufacturing machinery should be available.


Details of In-House lab Testing Equipment


At the time of inspection/audit, all the in-house lab testing equipment should be available to perform all the tests which come under the guidelines of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in front of the BIS officer.


List of Raw Material


Details of pre-certification if any, for the components/raw materials used in the manufacturing of the product.


Recent Calibration Certificates in Native as Well as English language


The calibration certificate is the official document of record for instrument calibration and provides traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The accuracy and completeness of the calibration certificate itself is reflective of the validity and credibility of the calibrating organization (for calibration certificate).


Process Flowchart & Process Flow Description

Process Flowchart - The process flowchart should include the whole manufacturing process and their sequence according to the manufacturing product.


Process Flow Description - In this we have to describe the complete product manufacturing description in paragraph.


Factory Location Map


In this we have to show the nearest railway station, bus stand, highway or any landmark.

Organizational chart and details of the quality control staff


During the audit, qualification certificate and experience details of quality control personnel who are permanently employed should be available along with the appointment letter


Agreement copy, bank guarantee and Indemnity bond

Company must accept the Terms & Conditions of the Certificate.